die zugleich engel sind

es mag vielleicht

sehr kindisch klingen
aber es gibt sie wirklich
die menschen
die zugleich engel sind

sie duften nach erdbeeren
und ihre küsse
schmecken wie marzipan
mit einem hauch
von kaffeebohne


I hear the drizzle of the rain
Like a memory it falls
Soft and warm continuing
Tapping on my roof and walls
And from the shelter of my mind
Through the window of my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain-drenched streets
To England, where my heart lies
My mind’s distracted and diffused
My thoughts are many miles away
They lie with you when you’re asleep
And kiss you when you start your day
And a song I was writing is left undone
I don’t know why I spend my time
Writing songs I can’t believe
With words that tear and strain to rhyme
And so you see, I have come to doubt
All that I once held as true
I stand alone without beliefs
The only truth I know is you
And as I watch the drops of rain
Weave their weary paths and die
I know that I am like the rain
There but for the grace of you go I
© Simon & Garfunkel

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